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8 Novels
  • Moon Gate Guardian

    Moon Gate Guardian


    Calculating, cold, and cruel. Chiri Krane is the infamously detestable witch imaginable. Despised by her peers and cast out from her family. She is a criminal, bound to the …

  • Enchanted Trio

    Enchanted Trio


    Reshaine, Abidale and Eleanor are just living their normal teenage life, visiting their grandfather from time to time in his land out the city. Everything started getting unusual after …

  • The Variable

    The Variable


    In a world where strong rules over the weak, a boy from tatters of Pheonix Kingdom desires to enrol into the most prestigious School of Monster slayers, Dragon Horn …

  • Redemption: The Tale Of The Broken King

    Redemption: The Tale Of The Broken King


    In the long established Empire of Huma, there lies a broken king, destroyed by the very thing he tried to protect. Can Argent really restrore the country his great …

  • Peace Weaver

    Peace Weaver


    My father yanked me away from my mom's side and threw me into a wall. He never truly loved me. I was more like that shadow of what could've …

  • Journey To Dystopia

    Journey To Dystopia


    Jacob is a skilled 14-year-old hunter who yearns for adventure. Spending life in the mountains he has no way to fulfil his dream. Until one day, he meets Elijah …

  • Hellviana For The Elite and Extraordinaire

    Hellviana For The Elite and Extraordinaire


    Hellviana isn't all simple and ordinary, it has its secrets too. Hellviana for the elite and extraordinaire is a secret special school founded and built secretly by Hellviana Mendez, …

  • Nupteiron and the Sphere of Eden A BloodLust Chronicles Novel

    Nupteiron and the Sphere of Eden A BloodLust Chronicles Novel


    Nupteiron Salvatore Maars (yes my Pen Name is based on this character of mine) has finished a term at Scholomance in Transylvania and has moved to Iconium (an alternate …