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  • Chaotic Sword God

    Chaotic Sword God


    Hỗn độn Kiếm Thần, Hun Dun Jian Shen, 混沌剑神After death, Jian Chen’s soul was reincarnated into a foreign world. He grew up with flying speed, but at the end, …

  • Godly Empress Doctor

    Godly Empress Doctor

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    Thần Y Hoàng Hậu, 神医凰后She, a genius abandoned by her clan. He, a proud, pampered, two-faced imperial crown prince, a developing supreme ruler of the world. She, tricking him, …

  • The Legend of Futian

    The Legend of Futian

    Author: ,

    伏天氏In a time when the Divine Prefectures of the East Sea were in great disarray, Emperor Ye Qing and Donghuang the Great appeared to save the day. Under their …

  • Unrivaled Medicine God

    Unrivaled Medicine God

    Author: ,

    绝世药神A Pill Emperor of his generation was set up by a traitor.Since then, the world lost a Qingyun Zi and gained an invincible silkpants.Once again, walking the Great Dao …

  • War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens

    War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens

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    Ling Tian Zhan Zun, 凌天战尊Earth’s top weapon specialist’s soul crossed over to an alternate world, merged with Rebirth Martial Emperor’s memories, cultivating Nine Dragons War Sovereign Technique, sweeping …

  • Warrior’s Promise

    Warrior’s Promise

    Author: ,

    绝代神主The course of commitments never did run smooth.After dying on Earth, the King of Mercenaries is reborn as Su Mo in the Firmament and Continent. In this brand-new world, …

  • Astral Pet Store

    Astral Pet Store

    Author: , ,

    What’s not to love about my new life after transmigrating into a Pet-centered world?There are mighty creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. They can either be …

  • Eternal Sacred King

    Eternal Sacred King

    Author: ,

    永恒圣王He is a young man without a spirit root. It is believed that this denies him the chance at cultivation. However, a mysterious lady imparts a Supreme Demon Classic …

  • Super Detective in the Fictional World

    Super Detective in the Fictional World

    Author: ,

    影视世界当神探Luke has transmigrated to the United States, but eventually realizes that this United States is different from the United States of his previous life. Here, the superpowers and characters …

  • God Emperor

    God Emperor

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    Emperor Of Ancient Gods, Eternal God Emperor, 万古神帝, 萬古神帝 (old)Zhang Ruo Chen was the sole male heir of one of the nine emperors of the Kunlun Field. Ruo Chen’s …

  • 48 Hours a Day

    48 Hours a Day


    我的一天有48小时Growing up with eccentric materialist parents who left him in the care of his grandfather for a job overseas, Zhang Heng had learned to adapt and be unfettered by …

  • Martial Peak

    Martial Peak

    Author: ,

    Wǔ Liàn Diān Fēng, 武炼巅峰The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only …

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