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18 Novels
  • Revival of the Holy Trio

    Revival of the Holy Trio


    It starts with a war, and so it ends the same. The world of magic and the supernatural beings of Araycien splits into six different clans. The Fairy clan, the …

  • The Gods Of Calamity

    The Gods Of Calamity


    7 Gods have waged war against eachother pitting humanity against eachother and each wanting to use them for whatever purpose they see fit, Humanity is in a constant …

  • Dunha’s Legacy

    Dunha’s Legacy


    Dunha Star became the 6th ruler of the Star Kingdom after the mysterious death of her father, the 5th king, Henry Star. However, her rule was not as easy …

  • The Girl With Cat Ears

    The Girl With Cat Ears


    Hi diary. Its been a while. If you forgot my name already, well its Aphmeow or Aph. I'm just putting that in there just in case I happen to …

  • You May Have Won the Battle, But I Will Win the War

    You May Have Won the Battle, But I Will Win the War


    Queen Maximiliana is framed as a thief and brought to Asilixia. She meets King Alexandrian who immediately takes a liking to her. However, can this War Goddess stand to …

  • lords of ruins and knights of havoc

    lords of ruins and knights of havoc


    a man that is sentenced to death for a crime he didn't commit is waiting for his execution when a strange man appears out of nowhere and he …

  • Judah Judas Adventures

    Judah Judas Adventures


    Being a magician in the Kingdom of Romania is not a crime like in other kingdoms. In this novel, you will find the story of the squire Judah and …

  • Tenth Life of a House Cat

    Tenth Life of a House Cat


    Follow the adventures of a noble house cat who travels to another world to be born again into a king! Using the experiences of his previous lives will he …

  • In Another Worlds With Electric Trucks

    In Another Worlds With Electric Trucks


    What happens if a modern post apocalypse cargo truck driver in 22 centuries getting transported to another worlds with his trucks? Join the adventures of Jeff who will explores …

  • A Warlord’s Prison

    A Warlord’s Prison


    (Warning, NSFW and not wholesome! Includes cucking/ntr and futanari) Eivarn was the Sharphart clan warlord, pretty much the king. He joined in a raid to Osthyrios, thinking it would be …

  • Clone-002



    Achaz is the clone of Prince Lumen Zaifeiriou Nephus of the country of Argenti. Nothing more than a shadow whose only purpose is to provide his organs and body …

  • Leaves of Gold

    Leaves of Gold


    The Fonterell family had held the seat of power in The Woodlands for over two hundred years, when the Great War united the regions of Saverio into a single …

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