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6 Novels
  • Outcast Twin

    Outcast Twin


    The world never seemed greyer and deader than the conspicuous decaying carcass of an antelope for Alex after receiving word of her dearest friend gone missing. Her mind becomes …

  • The Rise of Ru Xue

    The Rise of Ru Xue


    A 13 year-old girl is married off by her father as the seventh concubine-born daughter. Not only is she not the first wife, she also marries an old man! While …

  • The Manipulated Villainess

    The Manipulated Villainess


    What was the nickname given by people to a woman who does many evil and bad deeds? A 'VILLAINESS'. But what if the villainess was never a villainous person, to begin …

  • Falling for Miss Captain : LOVE vs DUTY

    Falling for Miss Captain : LOVE vs DUTY


    On his journey to a foreign country, Crown Prince Felix Valestra of Edeladon met a woman who attracts his attention right away. The woman introduced herself as an ordinary office …

  • Between Summer and Winter

    Between Summer and Winter


    Candice Lang, the perfect girl, smart, sassy, savvy. She falls in love at first sight with the shy freshmen Autumn Jones, who want's nothing to do with the flamboyant …

  • Veiled Truth

    Veiled Truth


    Amelthia a citizen of ville has witnessed something dreadful and fearful, that's turns into her trauma. She stays in the witnesses protection department without a proper identity and background, …