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4 Novels
  • The Lost Spirit Summoner

    The Lost Spirit Summoner


    [Mature content] There is strong language (swearing), criminal acts and mention/implication, violence and gore, along with mentions/retelling of and acts of abuse in the story. You have been warned. _____________________________________________________________________ Arcin Rina …

  • Titan: My Return to Earth

    Titan: My Return to Earth


    Many want to live the life of God. Get to be immortal, live a long life, do whatever you want in life, and have divine power. But no one …

  • The Rise of the Spider Goddess

    The Rise of the Spider Goddess


    There is going to be no major summary as of the moment. The story will mostly be about the main character Luna and her adventure starting off as a …

  • Statera



    Being a child who grew up with reading and watching about fantasy, it isn't that  much of a surprise that Alina is known for being odd. Despite that, she …