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24 Novels
  • The Soul Realm System

    The Soul Realm System


    In a world where portals to hostile worlds appear all over earth and humans have supernatural abilities, a world where power is the difference between life and death, Kai …

  • [BL]Love Beyond Eternity: Reborn for you

    [BL]Love Beyond Eternity: Reborn for you


    "He-Hey, how can you see me? You are a human, and you mustn't notice a grim reaper!" He shrieked in anxiousness. Dae Hyuk smirked. "Ooops, but I think my …

  • Birth Of The Diviner

    Birth Of The Diviner


    Clovis was reincarnated into another world, a world filled with technology, swords, and magic. Guns had become essentially negligible as humans had evolved, to a point where they could …

  • Lost City at Sea

    Lost City at Sea


    By sheer fate, Ishida unexpectedly meets a girl named Rhina. Together, they set out in search of a lost city at sea and its myriad treasures that are regarded …

  • Modern Day Asura (On Hiatus)

    Modern Day Asura (On Hiatus)


    Join my discord, Author's Note: Due to some certain things and lack of motivation, this book will go on a hiatus, not sure how long but until I've sorted …

  • The Kind-Hearted Devil

    The Kind-Hearted Devil


    In Ha, no, Lilian, staring at the people in front of her. This is her stage. This is her world. Wherever she is, she will always be a classy villain. The devil. So...became …

  • Welcoming the chaos

    Welcoming the chaos


    There are tales of beings made of pure darkness, they're only known to cause chaos and destruction. They were simply called the "Forbidden", it's not known where they came …

  • The Lady on the Wall

    The Lady on the Wall


    Lucas likes to spend his time at art galleries and museums. In fact, he had already memorized the paintings hung on the wall, except for the new one. It …

  • Statera



    Being a child who grew up with reading and watching about fantasy, it isn't that  much of a surprise that Alina is known for being odd. Despite that, she …

  • Modern Day Asuras

    Modern Day Asuras


    Join my discord, On modern-day earth, deadly epidemics spread around all regions of the world like wildfire, the ancient hidden martial sects and families used their mysterious methods to …

  • The Anomaly

    The Anomaly


    Clovis Olvir Cathal, an orphan dropped into a world he knew nothing of with a brand new slate, a few blessings, as well as a sister which he did …

  • Moonlight Ghosts

    Moonlight Ghosts


    To be a hero means many things. It means to help others, to fight for a greater good, to be kind. And mostly, to know what you were doing, …

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