Modern Romance

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7 Novels
  • I am the Queen

    I am the Queen


    G E N R E: Fiction, Mature, Modern Romance, New Adult ---- Since young, Evangeline Heart was taught by her mother to live a life unhindered by anyone, and she did …

  • .Sin



    Zoanna 'Zoe' Reynolds is no ordinary teenager. Lives in a mansion, owns eight different cars for all weathers, has admirers from every corner, and gets invitations to parties every …

  • The Blessed Beauty

    The Blessed Beauty


    Her boyfriend fell in love with her cousin and abandoned her. Heartbroken, she took the initiative to hit on a handsome man at the bar while she was drunk. …

  • When is the right time

    When is the right time


    Maha is the topper of the school. Pari a-no-one breaks Maha's record. Maha is very curious to know about this person who broke her record of being the top …

  • My Little Sweet Wife

    My Little Sweet Wife


    "I know that if it were not for our pressing circumstances, we would not be able to get married. " Who would have thought that she would get caught up …

  • The Rotten Girl

    The Rotten Girl


    An Editorial Department's editorial assistant called Bai Ning is a standard Rotten Girl (fujoshi). For work purpose and in real life, Bai Ning has maintained an image of a pure …

  • Eyes For You

    Eyes For You


    He is the most mysterious and powerful man in the city. She is just an ordinary girl who wanted a normal life. She did not expect her closest people …