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  • FATEDeus Decipit

    FATEDeus Decipit


    Athens, Greece, Modern Day In the light of the 5th Holy Grail War in Fuyuki, many duplicate Grail wars are being held across the globe. In Athens, an ancient codex …

  • The Soul Realm System

    The Soul Realm System


    In a world where portals to hostile worlds appear all over earth and humans have supernatural abilities, a world where power is the difference between life and death, Kai …

  • Soul Infestation

    Soul Infestation


    Angie is a 30 year old divorced artist trying to find a way through life once more. What better way to try to find her path again then by …

  • Improbable and Irrational Love

    Improbable and Irrational Love


    I am Automated Magical Golem model 1 of the Alpha series, my creators shortened it to Automata A1... The task given to me by my creators was to learn …

  • Hazard Academy

    Hazard Academy


    It's a nice day outside, the sun is shinning brightly in the clear blue sky. It's a great day to go to school and learn, you can hang out …

  • Child of Gaia

    Child of Gaia


    What would you do when all the stories that you were told as a kid were true? What would you also do when you suddenly wake up after a …

  • Of Heroes and Royals

    Of Heroes and Royals


    "You shall rise above the rest... becoming the Hero Queen." In a small, forest village in the long-subjugated nation of Lumierè, a sacred tradition had long been upheld. When someone …

  • Birth Of The Diviner

    Birth Of The Diviner


    Clovis was reincarnated into another world, a world filled with technology, swords, and magic. Guns had become essentially negligible as humans had evolved, to a point where they could …

  • Lost City at Sea

    Lost City at Sea


    By sheer fate, Ishida unexpectedly meets a girl named Rhina. Together, they set out in search of a lost city at sea and its myriad treasures that are regarded …




    Getting rewritten

  • Modern Day Asura (On Hiatus)

    Modern Day Asura (On Hiatus)


    Join my discord, Author's Note: Due to some certain things and lack of motivation, this book will go on a hiatus, not sure how long but until I've sorted …

  • Custodian Chronicles

    Custodian Chronicles


    She was unfortunate to be a victim of millennia of war between Lycans and Custodians: Hunters and Witches, making her the last of her bloodline. Now, she wants answers. …

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