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9 Novels
  • Love,Bondage and Stalking

    Love,Bondage and Stalking


    After being incarcerated through her teenage years, Rebecca falls in love with a guy who has similiar fantasies as her but her beautiful love story filled with romance and …

  • We Meet Again, Mr. Yu

    We Meet Again, Mr. Yu


    A new beautiful student came in the middle of the senior year and it was unknown where she had her school before. The whole school was waiting for anything …

  • Lustful Hearts

    Lustful Hearts


    Thеу say there's a fіnе lіnе bеtwееn lоvе аnd lust. Whеn it соmеѕ іn thе form оf a hоt, tаttооеd bad boy, wеll… уоu could еxсuѕе a girl fоr …

  • I am the Queen

    I am the Queen


    G E N R E: Fiction, Mature, Modern Romance, New Adult ---- Since young, Evangeline Heart was taught by her mother to live a life unhindered by anyone, and she did …

  • Ancestor, Please Let Me Go

    Ancestor, Please Let Me Go


    Ji An Ling, often referred to as blue rose was given the job of assassinating the business legend Mu Zeyan. She was notorious for her vixens like beauty, bitchy …

  • Miss Frail And Her Barmy BF

    Miss Frail And Her Barmy BF


    A true friend is one, who will stick to you, even when you are their hurdle, a difficulty to cross through! ---- "She will sleep with me even after your marriage! …

  • Mr. Moon

    Mr. Moon


    "The world is still flat, despite being a woman now." ---- "What is this!" Throwing the papers on the table, Riley asked his face burning with frustration. Looking at the papers, Moon …

  • My Dudely Duckling

    My Dudely Duckling


    She was lucky enough to transmigrate but that system ripped all her joy! ------- Excerpt "She is messing our world, Caden!" ThunderBill sighed when he choose to be silent! "She is gambling with …

  • My Little Sweet Wife

    My Little Sweet Wife


    "I know that if it were not for our pressing circumstances, we would not be able to get married. " Who would have thought that she would get caught up …