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  • The Romantic Cultivator

    The Romantic Cultivator


    A Xianxia adventure; Sword Saint Ji Yuan has just breakthrough to the lofty seventh realm saint level after a period of 100 years. When he returns to his celestial clan …

  • Raine’s Carnation

    Raine’s Carnation


    The Angels gave him 20 chances to find his true love again after he committed Suicide because of the most tragic breakup, he wasted them and became a dweller …




    Leona is living with only one purpose in life and that is to retaliate against the organization that caused her parents' death, anything else is irrelevant to her. She's …

  • The Mystery Of Autumn Valleys : An Undisclosed Hunt

    The Mystery Of Autumn Valleys : An Undisclosed Hunt


    Emily Willson lives a normal life and is nothing special (or as she thought so) until her parents insists her to spend the summer vacation on an Island - …

  • Flight or Fight

    Flight or Fight


    Watch a fairy princess, who was brought up to fight her own battles, jump at the chance of a lifetime. She is set to marry the mystery prince of …

  • New Girl

    New Girl


    New town, new school, new girl. What will Winter experience during this move? Elite school, indifferent girl, mysterious red-eyed boy. Read the story to find out.

  • The Queer Emperor’s Wife Is A Little Too Daring!

    The Queer Emperor’s Wife Is A Little Too Daring!


    " I will love you far and beyond------ If there exists eternity, I'll be there right behind you. For if by your side I find myself then where else could …

  • Hyeondae Wangjo: Modern Dynasty

    Hyeondae Wangjo: Modern Dynasty


    Hyeondae Wangjo: Modern Dynasty "Midori Finally Died". But She Reincarnated to A Girl Named Eun-kyung. And Born At The Modern People. But She's "From A Dynasty" A Girl named Hyeon Married To …

  • The Price of Patience

    The Price of Patience


    Warning: Mature Content Tsi Yi had always been nothing to everyone. Either dead last or second last, he was either incompetent or mediocre at his best. No one ever thought of …

  • Baby Is Mine(BabyDoll)

    Baby Is Mine(BabyDoll)


    Dollan initially never wanted to get married until he dies, for him marriage is like an iron chain that limits his personal enjoyment. He doesn't want to be with just …

  • Where the dream losts

    Where the dream losts


    A lost prince... And a search to find him.. with the mystery of magic.. she is fire and he is ice.. but opposite attracts.. what will happen when he …

  • Phoenix’s crescent love

    Phoenix’s crescent love


    Her Lineage was cursed and a mission was given throughout the generations. Feng Hui Lan was the chosen candidate, heaven’s pick, but heaven’s pick that was against all odds. …

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