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  • Test of True Love

    Test of True Love


    This Story revolves around and emphasises the importance of love confidence. THE SEED OF LOVE IS TRUST. True love must overcome numerous challenges in order to maintain the confidence …

  • You Are The One: The Supernatural Goddess

    You Are The One: The Supernatural Goddess


    Adira Kelly, the adopted daughter of the most influential and rich family was once a Supernatural Goddess in her past life and also had a power where she would …




    They had sex on the first date. It was so good that she wanted it to go on and on. With time, she grew too much of a strong …

  • The Protector

    The Protector


    When Milot was born, both his parents passed away. When he was born, he invited two men by his side. Dorian, an immortal mortal who has been forced to …

  • The Focus House

    The Focus House


    The gorgeous woman in a small apartment named Elena Vincent is a vampire living among the humans doing her best to live the most ordinary human life. The Focus …

  • The Romantic Cultivator

    The Romantic Cultivator


    A Xianxia adventure; Sword Saint Ji Yuan has just breakthrough to the lofty seventh realm saint level after a period of 100 years. When he returns to his celestial clan …

  • Doom of Elianna: The Emperor’s Flower

    Doom of Elianna: The Emperor’s Flower


    Elianna does not believe in love and marriage. She had decided a long time ago that she will grow old alone—besides being a spinster doesn’t bother her at all. …

  • Can’t help falling in love

    Can’t help falling in love


    Samantha is like a bright sun on a rainy day. Her smile is brighter than the sunshine but no one knew the pain hidden behind her beautiful smile. Everyday …

  • The Greek Princess and Her Suitors

    The Greek Princess and Her Suitors


    "I know you want me as badly as I want you. Why can't you just admit it to yourself, Maria?" Princess Maria Grace Olympios of Greece has always known that …

  • Art Love: For You Whom I Loved Most

    Art Love: For You Whom I Loved Most


    A world where royal names, money, fame, connections, power and basically everything run it all. To the point that their power becomes a diseases that spreads upon the low. That …

  • A Story That Holds Us Together

    A Story That Holds Us Together


    "Everyone says writers create stories..... but I don't believe that. I believe writers have their own stories which helps them to become an actual writer," Annabelle spelled those words …

  • The Face Of Darkness

    The Face Of Darkness


    In a world where vampires once existed and lost the war against the hunters that were after their race. The last survivor of his race lived to see the …

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