Mythological Fantasy

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14 Novels
  • A Gamer’s Journey

    A Gamer’s Journey


    After waking up in the middle of the night on his tenth birthday he found himself with box that says "Welcome to the Game! Click start to start your …

  • The Eye of Zeus

    The Eye of Zeus


    After a war that ended the era of gods and heroes and stopped the rise of another Golden age, humans ushered the world into a prosperous new age. For …

  • I’m Probably The Main Character Right???

    I’m Probably The Main Character Right???


    A very satirical isekai and alot of fourth wall breaks! Join the very nicely (and epicly named), truck kun, godie the goddess,epic loli weeb, nicola tesla, einstein and isekai …

  • Wartime The Beginning

    Wartime The Beginning


    Wartime is a war between mankind and goblin. This story tells about an epic battle that will changes the world. Horoku, a solo fighter who only fight for himself …

  • Quietus Wolf

    Quietus Wolf


    Niklaus [Knee-ck-Louse] is a werewolf who has been living in captivity for the past 9 years and finally gets a chance to escape and find his way back home …

  • Ares’ Witch

    Ares’ Witch


    The beautiful and talented princess of a peaceful and prosperous kingdom is suddenly forced to marry the prince of an intimidating kingdom of warfare. The stories she hears of …

  • Zeus Changed My Fate

    Zeus Changed My Fate


    Zeus makes a special request to the fates, a request involving the change of fate for Sarah Benson, Mathew Trell, Trinity Fawn, and Max Fredrickson. Why wold Zeus want …

  • Thalias Beast

    Thalias Beast


    Thalia is an independent woman living a regular life as a tourist guide in the Philippines. Growing up away from her parent's superstitious beliefs & traditions, She became used …

  • The men of the forest

    The men of the forest


    Clever, at times pacifist, and determined, Önd is quite far of the stereotype of the strong, violent and pagan Viking. He never truly believed in the gods, even until …

  • Godly Sins

    Godly Sins


    Ambrosia's life is anything but normal. She was a Gotan. The only one of her kind. Her parents are 2 powerful Gods and a Goddess. She was hated by …

  • I Reincarnated As A Glacial Pheonix

    I Reincarnated As A Glacial Pheonix


    A high school boy named lawrence is coming back from school and see a girl standing in the road when he just see a truck rushing towards the girl. (the …

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