office romance

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11 Novels
  • The CEO & His Mistress

    The CEO & His Mistress


    - Mistress "Just one glance, and I'm intrigued. I've never felt like this before. A complete stranger but after one night together... He wants me for thirty nights. This isn't like …

  • His Indian Bride

    His Indian Bride


    Romance, Comedy-drama. “Are you trying to resist my charm, sugarplum? ” he smirked and took a step close to her, cornering her near the staircase. “You are just too full of …

  • I don’t know how to do this without you

    I don’t know how to do this without you


    Just an up and coming nerdy girl working for Vincent Grey, part of the dream team behind The Brilliant Grey enterprises . I don't know how to do this …

  • Love, Eternal

    Love, Eternal


    Plain office girl Kayla’s normal life went into haywire the moment she met handsome CEO Warren De Jesus of AlphaCorp. From how he affects her, to the weird dreams …

  • Dandelion Lover

    Dandelion Lover


    Kate Ross is a slightly awkward young adult that has problems fitting into the norms of society. Her friends are all married and even with children while she is …

  • My Feisty Substitute Wife

    My Feisty Substitute Wife


    [WARNING: This novel contains some mature content] “I can’t go to the blind date looking like this; I’m going to scare him away. Please, Sis, I need you to …

  • For you… My love

    For you… My love


    She had a mark behind her ear... had always been told that it was a tattoo made after getting a blessing from a priest Was it really? 'You should not …

  • Crashing Into You

    Crashing Into You


    He pinched her nose and that made Song Dei Si snapped back to reality. “Hey!” Song Dei Si put a mock on her face as he looked at Yan …

  • My Twisted Love

    My Twisted Love


    A girl born with a curse of early death, keep surviving by hiding her identity as a girl till she reach the age of 25. But her parents already …

  • My Beloved

    My Beloved


    **R-18*No rape or major misunderstanding** *WELCOME TO THE STORY OF THE SWEETEST GIRL WITH THE SEXIEST CHARM* ~Where a childhood love story turns into a passionate romantic story~ She cried out, “Big …

  • The Rotten Girl

    The Rotten Girl


    An Editorial Department's editorial assistant called Bai Ning is a standard Rotten Girl (fujoshi). For work purpose and in real life, Bai Ning has maintained an image of a pure …