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  • [BL] You’re the best, Secretary Andrew!

    [BL] You’re the best, Secretary Andrew!


    From hating his boss to fake dating his boss. What could go wrong? Secretary Andrew is intelligent, he’s resourceful, he’s handsome, and an overall perfect secretary. While his boss, Allen …

  • The Billionaire’s Lost Dream

    The Billionaire’s Lost Dream


    A genius prodigy Cassiopeia Bennett fresh out of MIT works for Vincent Grey, part of The Brilliant Grey enterprises' dream team. He is strict and formal, and she is …

  • Formerly, the Queen of Charms

    Formerly, the Queen of Charms


    Charmaine seeks the truth but her enemies are determined to bend anyone's will to bury it forever. A thing of beauty is lost forever. Charmaine Grace Flores used to be …

  • My boss’s daughter is mine

    My boss’s daughter is mine


    - Shara! I...I think I saw my daughter - she said hurriedly with her voice filled with disbelief while she remembered the little figure's every move. - what!. who? …

  • His Indian Bride

    His Indian Bride


    Romance, Comedy-drama. “Are you trying to resist my charm, sugarplum? ” he smirked and took a step close to her, cornering her near the staircase. “You are just too full of …

  • I don’t know how to do this without you

    I don’t know how to do this without you


    Just an up and coming nerdy girl working for Vincent Grey, part of the dream team behind The Brilliant Grey enterprises . I don't know how to do this …

  • A Sucker for You

    A Sucker for You


    Kamil, a vampire heiress, ran away from home and joined a nightclub as a stripper. To quench her thirst, she lured men into letting her have a taste of …

  • Love, Eternal

    Love, Eternal


    Plain office girl Kayla’s normal life went into haywire the moment she met handsome CEO Warren De Jesus of AlphaCorp. From how he affects her, to the weird dreams …

  • The Playground (18+)

    The Playground (18+)


    Meet Keith Roman, just moved to the east cost for a job promotion. Being introduced to a couple with a unique relationship after he gets there, he decides that …

  • Sinned with love

    Sinned with love


    'Everything was under his control but oh, what a plot twist she was!' ... "I want a divorce," Han Mei indifferently said as she looked at his familiar features. "Fine," the man …

  • My Feisty Substitute Wife

    My Feisty Substitute Wife


    [WARNING: This novel contains some mature content] “I can’t go to the blind date looking like this; I’m going to scare him away. Please, Sis, I need you to …

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