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4 Novels
  • Through War and Pestilence

    Through War and Pestilence


    Through War and Pestilence is a novel set in the alluring fantasy, magic, and war times where anything is possible. Two sisters, only ones left after their clan was …

  • The Duke’s Fraudulent Lover

    The Duke’s Fraudulent Lover


    Leticia was living her quiet life as one of the staff at the orphanage at a small town in the Southern Part of the Kingdom of Otis where the …

  • One Sword Binds Your Heart

    One Sword Binds Your Heart


    Walking the earth with a sword in hand Love and hate freely without a plan Stray into the red dust and grievances rise Emotions become the hero’s demise A bloodstained dress is the …

  • Still Waters Moonlight

    Still Waters Moonlight


    Slight and beautiful Jiang Ming Yue and his younger sister, Yu Hua are the children of a deceased concubine and the Head of the Jiang Family, a cold and …