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4 Novels
  • Vampires Obsessive love

    Vampires Obsessive love


    {Mature content 18+} "what are you doing?" said Juliana with her trembling voice looking into his dark angry eyes, she was scared but still, she tried to be strong, "shh, dont …

  • Through War and Pestilence

    Through War and Pestilence


    Through War and Pestilence is a novel set in the alluring fantasy, magic, and war times where anything is possible. Two sisters, only ones left after their clan was …

  • Bleeding Sun

    Bleeding Sun


    'Old wounds can be the hardest to heal.' Once there was a beautiful princess, the daughter of a cruel emperor. A war that had been brewing for centuries erupted, killing …

  • Loving the Forbidden Prince

    Loving the Forbidden Prince


    Can a royal Romeo and Juliet find their happy ending? Ayleth, Princess of Zenithra, has secretly been trained in combat, and collects swear words she doesn't know how to …