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  • The Sinful Life of The Emperor

    The Sinful Life of The Emperor


    In the age of mutants and technology, everyone is after power and eternal life, but Kiba lives for his dreams of lust and vanity.A man on a mission to …

  • Dual Cultivation

    Dual Cultivation


    What is the point of wealth and status if there’s nobody to share it with? Dual Cultivation explores the sensual side of the Cultivation world that is …

  • Hellbound With You

    Hellbound With You


    [WARNING: THIS NOVEL IS R-18]"I love you, despite the danger signs."....“Little lamb, let me tell you this. You’re standing before the gates of hell right now. Doing this means …

  • Just Another Isekai (18+)

    Just Another Isekai (18+)


    Disclaimer: This book has graphic themes such as slavery, sexual content, and gore, and more, please be adivised! The name's Liam, I know, you were expecting something Japanese, happens all …

  • Underrated Exorcist : The Legacy of The Supreme’s will

    Underrated Exorcist : The Legacy of The Supreme’s will


    Impurities, spirits, ghosts, hollows, corrupted beings, phantoms, monsters, demons, devils, and many more. There are different types of them and called by many names. They feed on dark energy …

  • Scarlet Death

    Scarlet Death


    A Predictable pandemic has millions of people on edge, slowly decreasing the worlds population. But a Scientist and his family have figured out countless ways to survive this epidemic …

  • Sexcapade



    WARNING TRIGGER--18plus only-- Yes! this is a mature content only. If you are not over the legal age, do not read. This book consists of short sex stories, best …

  • I Reincarnate Into A Demon Princess

    I Reincarnate Into A Demon Princess


    A young woman who was a famous model around the world soon meets her final hours due to her incurable sickness. After she passes away, she reincarnates into a …

  • The Adventurer’s Academy

    The Adventurer’s Academy


    Rin Asahiro, a twenty-year-old sex worker, decides to turn her life around and become an adventurer. Only, she has a vague idea of what the actual occupation of being an …

  • CRAZY STAR EXPERIENCE: THE WORLD: REQUIEM!?!? Ultimate Star platinum

    CRAZY STAR EXPERIENCE: THE WORLD: REQUIEM!?!? Ultimate Star platinum


    Inspired and taken idea from BLAZUKI the creator of " IN MHA WITH STAR PLATINUM" Died like those cliche isekai deaths. Truck-kun then God. Mc gets 1 wish but then Mc wished …

  • Daddy!



    Qin Diana- FL. Possessive, Demon, Smart, Cute, Little, Spoiled 19. Youngest Miss in the Qin Family. She is loved by her Family to death, even her sisters love her. …

  • The Origin Primal System

    The Origin Primal System


    I will control the origin and rule infinite Planes of Worlds,Realms,Universes,Galaxy,Cosmos lead them to prosperity!! So how do I do that it's very boring.... Longevity without love is nothing, but I …

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