Realistic fantasy

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5 Novels
  • It’s Complicated

    It’s Complicated


    After an ugly divorce Haru begins a new life and befriends a mysterious man only to find out he isn’t who he says he is. Will Haru move on …

  • In Another Worlds With Electric Trucks

    In Another Worlds With Electric Trucks


    What happens if a modern post apocalypse cargo truck driver in 22 centuries getting transported to another worlds with his trucks? Join the adventures of Jeff who will explores …

  • Dead Card

    Dead Card


    Follow Guaracy, a teenager from the Brazilian favelas, on his travels through a hostile universe, where magic made animals and insects powerful and intelligent, forming their own cultures and …

  • The Life Of Normal-Taro

    The Life Of Normal-Taro


    Normal-taro is an alien; his real name is something that literally converts into Normal- taro in human language. He is of the planet Wados which translates to the 'planet …

  • The Greatest Mind: World’s End

    The Greatest Mind: World’s End


    Tom was just a young man from earth trying to fend for himself and his grandma. Through hard times he fell to the mercy of the streets. But then …