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5 Novels
  • Useless Reincarnation

    Useless Reincarnation


    To receive a second chance at life after meeting death? Most people would be elated to be reincarnated and begin a fresh new life. If only to avoid being …

  • Flashing Patterns

    Flashing Patterns


    Lapis was having a normal day when she noticed a mysterious figure watching her wherever she went. She confronts the figure, she learns that the figure's name is Sellvania …

  • The String Age

    The String Age


    **Wants realistic fantasy powered by science set in today's world? This is for you.** --- AUTHOR ANNOUNCEMENT: The first book "The Awakening" starts slow but steady, and climaxes in an emotional …

  • It’s Complicated

    It’s Complicated


    After an ugly divorce Haru begins a new life and befriends a mysterious man only to find out he isn’t who he says he is. Will Haru move on …

  • The Life Of Normal-Taro

    The Life Of Normal-Taro


    Normal-taro is an alien; his real name is something that literally converts into Normal- taro in human language. He is of the planet Wados which translates to the 'planet …