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  • The Love of a Lycan

    The Love of a Lycan


    Snippet: A year ago Raine was discharged from mental institution and had to live in the orphanage. It wasn't the best place. At least not for someone like her. Until one …

  • The 99th Divorce

    The 99th Divorce

    Author: ,

    第99次离婚In her previous lifetime, they had married for five years. He meant everything to her, but she was thrown away like an old shoe.After her rebirth, she gave him …

  • The Fallen Angel’s Descent To The Modern World (Discontinued)*

    The Fallen Angel’s Descent To The Modern World (Discontinued)*


    As the previous God disappeared and a new one appeared, the Heaven is no longer the same. Phanuel the Angel of Judgement falls from grace as he rebels and …

  • Imprisoned By Mistakes

    Imprisoned By Mistakes


    Something had always kept the handsome Allarick Hemsworth at the edge with pretty Daisy. But never for once had it ever crossed her naive mind that the guy who …

  • Fear is an illusion

    Fear is an illusion


    A brave princess from a village in Africa puts a stop to the slave trades in that era after she discovered that the stories about a deadly monster living …

  • Remember 1997?

    Remember 1997?


    Evy Katz is a 24 years old lady who witnessed the murder of her father 17 years ago, Growing up she had vowed to avenge her father but what …

  • Regalia Z

    Regalia Z


    Humans, zombies and mutants. Lisha didn't expect to fall into the second category. Waking up inside a mountain of wreckage, Lisha understood that the bridge was crossed. She was one …

  • Capture The Ghosters: He Captured My Heart

    Capture The Ghosters: He Captured My Heart


    Anna had enough. After having her heart shattered for the nth time, she had cursed cupid. Arising from the aftermaths of broken promises and getting left behind, Anna put …

  • Alexandra’s Revenge

    Alexandra’s Revenge


    After being gang-raped at fifteen; as a result of an abusive step-father, Alexandra Grey seeks the help of a local police department in the small town where she lived. …

  • Blue-EYED Devil

    Blue-EYED Devil


    Hardy Cates is self-made, charming - and determined to carry out his private revenge against the Travis family. So when he crashes a Travis family wedding, the last thing …

  • Who says I need you

    Who says I need you


    **Content warning: Language discretion advised** Hel was killed unjustly for the crime of being born. The older brother, Benjamim, who only has Lisette in his heart as his sister, ignored …

  • Reborn To Be A Diva

    Reborn To Be A Diva


    At 10, she lost her sister. At 18, due to an unfortunate accident, she lost her chance to be a diva and fulfil her dreams. At 19, she lost …

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