Reverse Harem fantasy

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4 Novels
  • Master of Dragons

    Master of Dragons


    Verrine was raised differently, she was strong from farm work and training. Everything was fine, and she lived like a man. That is... until her father succumbed to illness, …

  • Archmage Leticia

    Archmage Leticia


    On the day of the imperial trial which will determine whether she’ll acquire the Demon King’s power or not, not wanting to become the villainess she was ought to …

  • Not even a Villainess

    Not even a Villainess


    My name is Choi Jiyu well that was my name before i died atleast. When i opened my eyes i saw i was in a different room.I heard …

  • The Legend of the Crimson Oracle

    The Legend of the Crimson Oracle


    Selene had decided to live her life for somebody else, a punishment she imposed on herself since her mother’s death. Because of that she has been actively engaged in …