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9 Novels
  • Is It Meant To Be?

    Is It Meant To Be?


    All they wanted was to finish school and settle down finally after all those years of toiling. He wanted a life with her. He knew she was right for …

  • Raine’s Carnation

    Raine’s Carnation


    The Angels gave him 20 chances to find his true love again after he committed Suicide because of the most tragic breakup, he wasted them and became a dweller …




    He entered the room and locked the door behind him. He looked at me and scanned me completely. I can sense the lust in his eyes. I feel like a …

  • The Last Novel

    The Last Novel


    Arabella Maguire, a minor villain character in the last novel I wrote before I die. It wasn't supposed to be published, but my sister got her hands on my …

  • My Wrong Soulmate

    My Wrong Soulmate


    A story of a guy who falls in love with someone who is dangerous but yet caring. Someone who is possessive about his people and things. Will love blossomed …

  • The Infinite Vampire Sisterhood

    The Infinite Vampire Sisterhood


    An elite female vampire is on her way towards total world domination as she runs into a seemingly omnipotent alien man. Will she be able to overcome, or even …

  • Maybe Death Hurts Less Than A Life

    Maybe Death Hurts Less Than A Life


    He was a sinner and she was his salvation. Born as the hybrid, he had no place where he belonged to. He was …

  • Her Bulter is a Demon Lord

    Her Bulter is a Demon Lord


    Yuka was always bullied by Her family, Other schoolgirls,... Everyone. She was desperate. She wanted to die. But... Yuka summoned a Demon Lord, accidentally. She got 3 wish from Demon Lord. Would that made …

  • Escaping of the destiny

    Escaping of the destiny


    Can this 16 year old girl overcome the changes that will suddenly appear in her life? Some time after much trouble, she discovers that her whole life was a lie …