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16 Novels
  • My Amazing Dream System

    My Amazing Dream System


    In a modern world ruled by advancing tech, humans forget their true roots, the true reason for their existence and the invisible energy that connects them all…the Qi. But …

  • Moon Gate Guardian

    Moon Gate Guardian


    Calculating, cold, and cruel. Chiri Krane is the infamously detestable witch imaginable. Despised by her peers and cast out from her family. She is a criminal, bound to the …

  • Timeless Love – Tangled in Fate

    Timeless Love – Tangled in Fate


    A tragic accident leads her to woke up into a new era she never knew before. Slowly learning about her new identity, she also learnt there was some connection …

  • Master And I

    Master And I


    He is the Prince of Cranbelle, a prince with little people on his side because of his terrifying powers. And he is the Young Master of a wealthy family in …

  • World’s Strongest Cameraman

    World’s Strongest Cameraman


    Pethant Ouph was the laughing stock of the Cameraman's Association in a city filled with superhumans, and his life would be forever changed when he met the unassuming Jon …




    A girl with a strange past , wants to find answers as to how , why and who it was that saved her and in the process finds out …

  • My Heart Closed

    My Heart Closed


    Coraline comes to Hoffman, a town in the United States fleeing from her past but her destiny is to confront him. Ycan who does not forgive anything, expands his …

  • Imprisioned Desire

    Imprisioned Desire


    A disguised secret tainted the world, while a revolution of killers had arised, but soon failed. Centuries later, a believer,, known as queen for the revolutioners, formed …

  • The Integrity of a Dishonoured Samurai

    The Integrity of a Dishonoured Samurai


    A world-renowned, private military organisation called The World's Senshi specialises on situations that the military can't handle. Any typical individuals that has great potential inside them may enrol to …

  • Princess of Pure Darkness

    Princess of Pure Darkness


    Ryna Kamari, the daughter of Nadia Kamari, is one of the noblest and powerful families in the world. But when Ryna's mother's darker intentions are exposed it's too late, …

  • The Ancient Kingdoms

    The Ancient Kingdoms


    Kayo, Matheus and Pedro find themselves in a difficult situation, they have no escape, they even tried to get rid of their destiny, but without success. Now they are getting …

  • His A+ Student .

    His A+ Student .


    Hi , may you know this is based off a dream . warning : some context may not be to your liking as in , sexual , childish jokes , …

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