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20 Novels
  • Memories that Bring Love

    Memories that Bring Love


    A spoiled daughter of a rich father lost her memories. Though odd coincidence, she ends up attached to a rather interesting prospect. A person devoted to professional gaming enters …

  • Love????does this exist…..

    Love????does this exist…..


    The story unfolds with heartbreak and leads to a tragic new start where you will find lots of mysteries to be solved and a new and different kind of …

  • This Stalker Won’t Leave Me Alone!

    This Stalker Won’t Leave Me Alone!


    April (23) an average office worker. Well she won't be an average office worker much longer when strange things around her are starting to occur. But why? Well, that's because …

  • Couple That Can’t Touch

    Couple That Can’t Touch


    Araki Koji is the new seventeen-year-old student in Kasen High School. Recently transferred from his previous school, he wishes to escape from the wealthy falsehood. However, his plans take …

  • Timeless Love – Tangled in Fate

    Timeless Love – Tangled in Fate


    A tragic accident leads her to woke up into a new era she never knew before. Slowly learning about her new identity, she also learnt there was some connection …

  • Departed



    Have you ever been in love with someone you've never met? Someone who may not be real? Jason Jones, a high school student here, keeps dreaming about a girl. …

  • (Un) Fortunately the Yandere is Not After Me

    (Un) Fortunately the Yandere is Not After Me


    Arata Kashimura was hoping to have a normal, if lonely, high school life. He avoided others because he didn't want his secret to get out. That he was a …

  • MIMI



    MIMI BOOK I & II Disowned and deemed useless by her family, Mimi Hirogori is a teasing mischievous girl whose only care and importance in the world lie with her …

  • Blue



    Sasha is a Gold digger with daddy issues, finding her match...someone, with a lot of Principle Ash...with sexual tensions...rising between her and her sugardaddy, on why her sugar daddy …

  • Chasing the Wind (English Version)

    Chasing the Wind (English Version)


    Meet Xavrina Alexiahiana P. Fortalejo, a girl who loves Quart Raven S. Montemayor the most, she is chasing him for almost 5 years yet Quart doesn't care about her, …

  • Love Guru

    Love Guru


    Jin Lane, a seventeen year old junior in high school, finally asked out his crush but it turns out his crush likes someone else who is oblivious to whether …

  • The Disinterested Heroine and the Icy Male Lead

    The Disinterested Heroine and the Icy Male Lead


    Seychelle Lee was looking forward to spending the rest of her life with Takeru Miyafugi, her fiance when she was suddenly killed by a truck and transported to the …

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