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7 Novels
  • Is It Meant To Be?

    Is It Meant To Be?


    All they wanted was to finish school and settle down finally after all those years of toiling. He wanted a life with her. He knew she was right for …

  • Raine’s Carnation

    Raine’s Carnation


    The Angels gave him 20 chances to find his true love again after he committed Suicide because of the most tragic breakup, he wasted them and became a dweller …




    He entered the room and locked the door behind him. He looked at me and scanned me completely. I can sense the lust in his eyes. I feel like a …

  • The Last Novel

    The Last Novel


    Arabella Maguire, a minor villain character in the last novel I wrote before I die. It wasn't supposed to be published, but my sister got her hands on my …

  • My Wrong Soulmate

    My Wrong Soulmate


    A story of a guy who falls in love with someone who is dangerous but yet caring. Someone who is possessive about his people and things. Will love blossomed …

  • The Speedster Chronicles 4: Wrath of the Beyond

    The Speedster Chronicles 4: Wrath of the Beyond


    With the city's sapphire speedster missing, a new hero steps into the lime light as Atlanta faces the greatest threat yet, pegging the question; will this new player be …

  • The Infinite Vampire Sisterhood

    The Infinite Vampire Sisterhood


    An elite female vampire is on her way towards total world domination as she runs into a seemingly omnipotent alien man. Will she be able to overcome, or even …