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4 Novels
  • A Mark of Magic (BL)

    A Mark of Magic (BL)


    Ryu a teenager, knew nothing much about what different types of affection and love are. He loved his friends, he loved his magic. Nothing more. Nothing less. Until he …

  • Land of Erden

    Land of Erden


    Two sides of a single coin? Or two halves of the same one? Urie Loeth was a boy living in the city of Daerin. Eager to learn magic in …

  • To Fall Faster than a Romance Novel

    To Fall Faster than a Romance Novel


    “Where might you think you're going? I told you, wing length is the maximum distance you can be from me.” - A Science lab conducting illegal human embryo engineering creates …

  • My Innocent Girl Friend Is The Fallen Demoness

    My Innocent Girl Friend Is The Fallen Demoness


    Updates: Every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday Descended down and her life changed completely. The unrequited love is the most dangerous weapon for a Demoness and she would conquer anything just …