Royal Romance

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6 Novels
  • Flight or Fight

    Flight or Fight


    Watch a fairy princess, who was brought up to fight her own battles, jump at the chance of a lifetime. She is set to marry the mystery prince of …

  • Making the second male lead fall in love with me, the villainess

    Making the second male lead fall in love with me, the villainess


    DAILY UPDATE STARTING 01 APRIL 2021 WARNING MATURE CONTENT CHAPTER EXCERPT -- “Wait, someone might see.” Charlton said, recalling the glass window. “I’m prepared for that.” Serena replied as she bent to open her …

  • The Queen’s Games

    The Queen’s Games


    As the youngest Queen ever to rule the nation of Skylarke, Avalai is expected to find a husband to be by her side. That is where The Selection comes …

  • Crazy Duke and Fallen Queen

    Crazy Duke and Fallen Queen


    Theodora was the Queen of Polis, a city-state that lost the war against the most powerful empire in the continent. She is sure that they'll execute her immediately but, somehow, …

  • My Life, My Story

    My Life, My Story


    Ye Beom, as an author, lived her life by dedicating everything to her works. But, a strange phenomenon happened to her. Ye Beom transmigrated into her unfinished novel, unknown …

  • Olivia Sparks

    Olivia Sparks


    “I’m not a ‘thing’ to be possessed.” Olivia pulled her weight with her elbows and stared at Maxen whose head was now wedged between her legs. “Absolutely,” he agreed, …