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  • The Dragon Lord’s Lover

    The Dragon Lord’s Lover


    Self-doubt, the true limitation any potential Kalil has ever had in her. As a struggling healer fighting to get herself recognized and realize what her parents had always dreamed …

  • Red’s First Love

    Red’s First Love


    Red was just an ordinary girl in East Sechoia County. The only extraordinary about her was her turquoise hair. That is, until extraordinary, unthinkable things she could never imagine …

  • What His Highness’ Birds Won’t Tell You [BL]

    What His Highness’ Birds Won’t Tell You [BL]


    Life as a British noble was fine. But Evan has a secret. In the middle of his college years, his parents arrange a wedding between him and a noble lady …

  • A Frozen Dawn

    A Frozen Dawn


    Murnia has always suffered cold, barren winters, but none as harsh as this. Dark blood stained snow as the wars raged on between kingdoms. That is, until a third …

  • Remanu The Ruler of Heart

    Remanu The Ruler of Heart


    Remanu, a young man who was given a second chance at life with Xavier's heart. He experienced living in a parallel world while meditating. His step was too far that …

  • My Adorably Manipulative King

    My Adorably Manipulative King


    A royal announcement were made public that Princess Farah from the Kingdom of Taaffeite were to wed King Wystan of the Hawthorn Empire in a month's time. Unfortunately, that was …

  • Blood Magic’s Bond

    Blood Magic’s Bond


    The young sorceress Astasha had only wanted to settle in with a small coven and start an apothecary. Now she finds herself in the service of the king as …

  • A Dickensian Romance

    A Dickensian Romance


    In Victorian times, an unlikely romance blooms: between a troubled orphan named Marianne Grey, and wealthy socialite Luella Lafferty. [A/N: Slowing on uploads a while for the sake of quality …

  • Unknown Realm of the Shapeshifters

    Unknown Realm of the Shapeshifters


    "When worse comes to worse, all tend to be more desperate." - Empress Ophelia of Hilaga Empire The souls in the underworld must all drink the tea of forgetfulness before …

  • His Royal Consort From Another World

    His Royal Consort From Another World


    It all started with an experiment. Something done out of pure curiosity brought them together. "A castle, Dragons, wait flying carpets and ultramodern devices? Where have I even ended up?" …

  • Doom of Elianna: The Emperor’s Flower

    Doom of Elianna: The Emperor’s Flower


    Elianna does not believe in love and marriage. She had decided a long time ago that she will grow old alone—besides being a spinster doesn’t bother her at all. …

  • The Core of Armania

    The Core of Armania


    She was kidnapped by a group of immortals and took her in to another world. The world of immortals but was slowly taken by the demons and spies from …

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