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10 Novels
  • Outlaws of Genopia

    Outlaws of Genopia


    Think the future holds any promise for you? That's bullshit! Havic, Kashi, and Reaper found this out because they live in Genopia a city in the future that is …

  • Quantum Gods

    Quantum Gods


    Ethan never believed in Gods, demons, monsters or aliens, but they believe in him!! In a world where power is everything, can a teenager unlock the secrets of the universe …

  • Reforming A Crumbling World

    Reforming A Crumbling World


    My name is Pheen Ogram and this is a story of how, I, a medoicre medical student who plays a lot of rpg and reads lots of novel books …

  • The Great Reset

    The Great Reset


    Mankind received a natural reset from the world. No one knows why or how it happened, but it did. One day the earth was absolutely torn apart by earthquakes …

  • The Burning Storm

    The Burning Storm


    A science fiction series that has magic, adventure, fantasy and everything in between. Follow along as I show a universe that you can get lost in easily.

  • power rain

    power rain


    Culver city 1999...... "Operation power rain is a phenomenon, an attempt to the enhancement of the human race.this experiment will enable the subject to harness their inner strengths, their special …

  • A Strange New World

    A Strange New World


    A first person story about the post-apocalyptic world and the mystery of the man-eating species. The year is 2101. The human society collapsed due to the strange species who …

  • The Midnight Path

    The Midnight Path


    She was tired of living in the city. She wanted to go back to her home in the forest. But when that escape comes in the form of a …

  • 100%



    What if we could use 100% of our brain? Some say it would kill us and some say it would drive us crazy, but scientists have found a way …