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9 Novels
  • Secrets That We Keep

    Secrets That We Keep


    Jozine Layla Quinn is a child of this universe that was never meant to be born. She's an unknown child of the universe and so the complications started when …




    Kim Aara is a teenage girl after her mother death because of mysterious accident, How she solve and fight the problems? how she survive in her cruel family world? (Author)

  • The Stories Of Those Around Us

    The Stories Of Those Around Us


    Black is a boy diagnosed with an odd illness that prevents him from seeing the colors of people. After he transfers to a new school, he meets people he …

  • You Are My Youth Heart

    You Are My Youth Heart


    She waited for him after his disappearance. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - …

  • It Was All Just A DARE

    It Was All Just A DARE


    Does pain always lead to broken pieces of the world of your own with the person you adored? Does everything can't happen in reality, only be found in the …

  • Crush On You

    Crush On You


    A pathetic story for Monica Villareal. A woman with no other family but the hospital staff. A woman who struggled with pain all her life. For her... Human life is like …

  • Arabella Academy: Perfectly Imperfect

    Arabella Academy: Perfectly Imperfect


    [Book One of the Arabella Academy Series] Four teenagers, one dead girl and a whole lot of secrets surrounding a school. What happens when a murder that absolutely had nothing to …

  • Prestige Crescent High

    Prestige Crescent High


    Khushi- simple minded middle class girl gets an opportunity to fulfill her dreams of becoming manager by studying in best management schools THE CRESCENT PRESTIGE HIGH falls into wholly …

  • These Criminals Changes the Educational System

    These Criminals Changes the Educational System


    Love? I don’t have time for that. Money? I got what I wanted Power? They always obey me Fame? They already know who I am With these hands, I will guide those lost …