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11 Novels
  • Myth of The World’s Trees

    Myth of The World’s Trees


    Despite a rough childhood, Omari had everything a guy could want - a loving girlfriend, an understanding sister, and his dream job. Still, he dreamed of something greater, something …

  • The Non-Lucid Adventure

    The Non-Lucid Adventure


    The Non-Lucid Adventure is a new technology that can stretch a single dream for years. Follow the lives of several individuals inside and out of their non-lucid dreams as …

  • King of Chaos

    King of Chaos


    The moment she woke up, she had the lives of two people in her head. she also had a mysterious mark on her body and blood powers. Follow Nya as …

  • T.E.R.R.A



    Some time in the not-so distant future, humanity achieves the latest step in its evolution: T.E.R.R.A., a man-made world to create a space for business, commerce, art, and culture. …

  • Days are Gone

    Days are Gone


    In a world where the dead started walking, few people managed to inherit such traits that were considered... peculiar. Rejected Subjects, that's what they're called. - - - Cyra Morgan, a twenty-three …

  • Outcasted.



    Akuma was an outcast, for various reasons in fact. She was an emotionless loner kid who didn’t even have anything special to offer. She didn’t have extra lives or …

  • Telekinetica – Gastón J. Oviedo (English version)

    Telekinetica – Gastón J. Oviedo (English version)


    Some strange attacks alter the peace of a prosperous, highly developed society that reached high standards of life thanks to the help of a divine being who lives among …

  • Watching the Sky Burn

    Watching the Sky Burn


    UPDATED MONDAYS How can a mortal gain strength in a world of immortals, to fight against fate and the heavens alike. Hatzu a young boy once lost at sea does …

  • Draimon: Battle: Erasend

    Draimon: Battle: Erasend


    The story of those trying to stop Demigods who will do whatever it takes to reunite with their children in a world of Dragons, Humans and Monsters like no …

  • The Rise of Elementals

    The Rise of Elementals


    This is a story about Tsuruki Kishiko, a boy who lives in a world of elementals. Elementals are people who have been chosen to wield one or more of …

  • Blood Will Be Drawn

    Blood Will Be Drawn


    The realms of man, beasts, demons, ghosts and monsters combine, the mettle of man is challenged under apocalyptic circumstances, as the veteran Bly Whitlock survives the only way he …