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  • The Supreme Sage

    The Supreme Sage


    Luke, an average player, and fan of the popular fully-immersive MMORPG 'Ultimatum' and is just about to log out and leave the game after it's shut-down had been announced. …

  • Quantum Gods

    Quantum Gods


    Ethan never believed in Gods, demons, monsters or aliens, but they believe in him!! In a world where power is everything, can a teenager unlock the secrets of the universe …

  • The Fat God System

    The Fat God System


    WFP #24 “FAT GOD SYSTEM ACTIVATED USING EXCESS FAT AS MANA......” Hugh’s body suddenly started to convulse and constrict. He felt pain all over his body. His muscles started to spasm and …

  • Cyborg Gets Stronger In Another World

    Cyborg Gets Stronger In Another World


    He was the first post human soldier who fought against the monsters that invaded Earth. Then a chicken who claims to be an all powerful entity sends him off …

  • I Thought This Only Happens In Fanfiction?!

    I Thought This Only Happens In Fanfiction?!


    Very few people believe in reincarnation. But others swear that they have been born once before. What would you do if you woke up in a completely different world? …

  • TPM: Twelve Past Midnight

    TPM: Twelve Past Midnight


    Death, Is Only the Beginning. In this hybrid fantasy/sci-fi action horror series, a group of undead human souls known as the Uneventful's will be thrust into a cosmic conflict …

  • Bianca: Hidden Identity

    Bianca: Hidden Identity


    Bianca has lived all her life in an obscure institution where she is forced to follow strict rules, she has spent the last ten years isolated from society and …

  • A Kingdom of Fire and Ice

    A Kingdom of Fire and Ice


    War, romance, secrets, revolts, and an arranged marriage. To prevent a costly war, the rulers of two planets have agreed to settle their terms with a different form of …

  • Parrotise



    The wayfinder sage invented the teleportation spell. He teleported into a volcano and died. Since he was useless, I will be writing this story about better characters. A parrot professor, …

  • Unjustification



    Recollection of preceding events are absent. Identity unknown. Abel reawakens to a world of unknowns in which he has no memories to recall. Lost, and in need of answers. A single …

  • Harem Reborn

    Harem Reborn


    It helps me out a lot of you get that 1c privilege puchase! This story happens after and during the events in Should Have Let Me Die, and Rule: The …




    Never turn your back to where you belong, Hush little one and listen to this song.

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