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  • In Love With Three Men

    In Love With Three Men


    A "leftover" woman, Rae, suddenly finds herself being pursued by super rich and handsome CEOs- one is straightforward, the other is reserved. They are both madly in love with …

  • Survival: How to Survive the End of Everything

    Survival: How to Survive the End of Everything


    The end of everything. No more countries, no more religion, no government, no electricity, no heat, no electricity, no food, no shelter, no clean water. No hope. There were …

  • Boudoir Glamour Inc.

    Boudoir Glamour Inc.


    On vacation, you can meet people well outside the usual. One business innovator makes his new friend a partner. Wealthy Clients can have perfect portraits. Body morphing models can …

  • The Abominations

    The Abominations


    When the Earth was hit by multiple natural disasters, half of the population was killed off. But some of the victims who survived the chain of events, known as …

  • Regalia Z

    Regalia Z


    Humans, zombies and mutants. Lisha didn't expect to fall into the second category. Waking up inside a mountain of wreckage, Lisha understood that the bridge was crossed. She was one …

  • Romania 5th Hunter Team (Hiatus)

    Romania 5th Hunter Team (Hiatus)


    A young girl named Lydia, who is now in high school, 9th grade, was attacked last year by a werewolf and almost made her werewolf, but one guy, helps …

  • His Lost Mate

    His Lost Mate


    She is a wolf lost in the world. His is a 5000 year old vampire king looking for his mate. Will she be the one who knows.

  • Orion Falling

    Orion Falling


    Memories make a person, but are you a person if you have no memory? Erixa doesn’t know who she is or where she’s from, she doesn’t remember anything before …

  • Freedom Fighters

    Freedom Fighters


    This novel is set in the future. It is about two girls who are trying to save themselves and those they love. It is packed with action, suspense, learning …

  • Human Mate With Surprises

    Human Mate With Surprises


    The wolf just looks at me and then looks to his own back as if saying hop on. "Yeah no way that's happening. You get your paws on me, a …

  • Zenar 24

    Zenar 24


    Ava Kalesidia lost her memories. Well, that and she is getting bored. The only thing that brings life to her world is Mye. Mye Destin struggles with her social …

  • Doomed Skin Walker

    Doomed Skin Walker


    Captain Ryan Carter was one of Sector Sevens’ finest ship pilots, until an incident exposed his true self, now Ryan is branded dangerous and hunted. Seeking refuge Ryan is …

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