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18 Novels
  • Boudoir Glamour Inc.

    Boudoir Glamour Inc.


    On vacation, you can meet people well outside the usual. One business innovator makes his new friend a partner. Wealthy Clients can have perfect portraits. Body morphing models can …

  • A Time for Redemption

    A Time for Redemption


    Humanity isn't ending, it's just beginning. A wall surrounds the growing nations, historians claim could only have been built by the gods themselves. A metropolitan government hunts two young …

  • Who Is The Real Maximillian Walker

    Who Is The Real Maximillian Walker


    Kailey wasn't sure who the man in Max's body was but she knew that she had been in love with Max for so long that she did not care. …




    The discovery of Dragons has been swept under a rug and hidden for many years. This is the story of their rediscovery.

  • Syanic Earth: Worldwide Cataclysm

    Syanic Earth: Worldwide Cataclysm


    The Third World War takes place on Earth in 2050, which is said to be the most devastating armed conflict ever recorded in world history. Out of the ashes …

  • Four Season Series: God’s Game

    Four Season Series: God’s Game


    He died. Yet he found himself alive in another person's body? Without any memory of his own name he decides to live in the present. But things were bound to change. ===

  • Maim



    A young boy named Darwyn decides to join The Doctors, an organization with one goal in mind; to stop The Frenzy. While it may seem simple, the dangers he …

  • Bent Reality

    Bent Reality


    Acallaris University is an institution built to nurture the youths to enhance their skills related to the field of magic. Magic arts, science, combat, and more. Sponsored by the …

  • endeavour to utopia

    endeavour to utopia


    A group of 4 set off to colonise Mars. no one could imagine the chain of events that will occur when they arrive. I'm currently a physics student at university …

  • Alpha Mine

    Alpha Mine


    Earth has been invaded by the Zarkenians. A race much more advanced than humans. They said they come in peace but soon Earth was ravaged by chaos. Five years …

  • Eyes of Calamity

    Eyes of Calamity


    There are legends of a man, who does not even need to touch you to kill you. All he needs is his eyes. One look could mean your death, …

  • I became the most powerful entity in the universe.What could go wrong?

    I became the most powerful entity in the universe.What could go wrong?


    You know how they say, don't make your main character overpowered? Well, I threw that rule into the bin while writing this. The main character is unquestionable the most overpowered …

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