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6 Novels
  • Myth of The World’s Trees

    Myth of The World’s Trees


    Despite a rough childhood, Omari had everything a guy could want - a loving girlfriend, an understanding sister, and his dream job. Still, he dreamed of something greater, something …

  • Draimon: Fracture: Erasend

    Draimon: Fracture: Erasend


    The story of those trying to stop Demigods who will do whatever it takes to reunite with their children in a world of Dragons, Humans and Monsters like no …

  • The Non-Lucid Adventure

    The Non-Lucid Adventure


    The Non-Lucid Adventure is a new technology that can stretch a single dream for years. Follow the lives of several individuals inside and out of their non-lucid dreams as …

  • King of Chaos

    King of Chaos


    The moment she woke up, she had the lives of two people in her head. she also had a mysterious mark on her body and blood powers. Follow Nya as …

  • T.E.R.R.A



    Some time in the not-so distant future, humanity achieves the latest step in its evolution: T.E.R.R.A., a man-made world to create a space for business, commerce, art, and culture. …

  • Outcasted.



    Akuma was an outcast, for various reasons in fact. She was an emotionless loner kid who didn’t even have anything special to offer. She didn’t have extra lives or …