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4 Novels
  • the world of zodiac

    the world of zodiac


    a boy who was a prodigy suddenly ran from the reality of world. why he ran away ? what mistake he have done ? find out.

  • A Kingdom of Fire and Ice

    A Kingdom of Fire and Ice


    War, romance, secrets, revolts, and an arranged marriage. To prevent a costly war, the rulers of two planets have agreed to settle their terms with a different form of …

  • Dreams And Desires

    Dreams And Desires


    "There is only one way to break this hex, if I ever mate with a true lover." Ze sighs, "Only if she offers her blood on her will to …

  • Caring for Mr. Mutant

    Caring for Mr. Mutant


    UPDATE SCHEDULE: Sun-Tues-Wed-Thur @16:00 (GMT +8) ---- About/Synopsis: Year 2023: Random DNA mutations suddenly occurred around the world. These mutations caused newborn babies to acquire animal traits, and no one knows why or …