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4 Novels
  • The Final Countdown

    The Final Countdown


    Alice and her friends, John and Maria, are average teens in an average world. Well, until Alice has a vision of the end of it. Now, they're working together …

  • Animara



    A world of humanoid animals called evolutionaries, divided into 12 different habitat nations. Petty squabbles and past rivalries have erupted into all out World War between the nations as …

  • Run on Shadow’s Edge

    Run on Shadow’s Edge


    Forensic Jorge Velez is on the heels of a series of murders but the events unfolding may have already happened. His team found intertwined events, unusual …

  • Shin the ‘Hacker’.

    Shin the ‘Hacker’.


    Shin spent 22 years of her life, believing that her parents died in a car accident. when Tanya reveals the hidden truth behind Shin's parents death and her …