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14 Novels
  • The Demolition Squad

    The Demolition Squad


    What happens when you and all your friends dream the same thing... Are you all dead? Is the earth absorbed into nothing? Read the story to find out

  • The Dungeon Raiser

    The Dungeon Raiser


    He was the weakest man in his region let alone in the world, he struggled all his life because he couldn't live up to societies standards and then he …

  • Agent Ling Fei, Demon Hunter

    Agent Ling Fei, Demon Hunter


    Newly appointed Demon Hunter, Gammatron Agent, Ling Fei, is on her way to an allied military base to retrieve a powerful relic. In the wrong hands, this ancient device …

  • AntiHero



    Noel Tyler Malierano. He's the youngest 'son' to receive approval from 'The Malierano Family': A Criminal Organization of hitmen and hitwomen that specialize in killing, even maintaining success …

  • University AxA: Chemical Elements as a Power System

    University AxA: Chemical Elements as a Power System


    Chemical Powers; also known as chemical elements if they were power abilities. They existed from the moment the pandemic of LOCID-20 began to end. In Year 2364, a university student …

  • Devil’s Den

    Devil’s Den


    The Universe is a big and mysterious place and what happens if the universe has an End? When Gods and Goddess can't escape and only one has the Key …

  • Factory Inc.

    Factory Inc.


    More than 500 years have passed since World war III, A war that changed everything. Humanity has long since recovered from the war's effect. Many human lives were lost, in …

  • Warriors and Heroes: Rise of an Anti-Magic Brawler!

    Warriors and Heroes: Rise of an Anti-Magic Brawler!


    Humanity has had access to the Obelisks for two centuries now. They had burst forth in terms of technology and personal power. Over 20% of the populations has the …

  • The Graveyard

    The Graveyard


    A guy who wished not to be reborn. Who wanted to be away from all the constant fighting and killing. A pacifist who wanted peace and quiet. Was reborn …

  • The Final Countdown

    The Final Countdown


    Alice and her friends, John and Maria, are average teens in an average world. Well, until Alice has a vision of the end of it. Now, they're working together …

  • Lost Princess of War

    Lost Princess of War


    I am now what you call a leader. But it was never easy to get here. My whole life seemingly has had tragedy follow me, along with a troubled …

  • Reality Doctrine: Fifth Dimension

    Reality Doctrine: Fifth Dimension


    Being kidnapped is not the worst thing that has happened to over-privileged Peter Carlssin. As he slowly learns to adapt to a new-found world of celestial weirdness, he …

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