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4 Novels
  • Boudoir Glamour Inc.

    Boudoir Glamour Inc.


    On vacation, you can meet people well outside the usual. One business innovator makes his new friend a partner. Wealthy Clients can have perfect portraits. Body morphing models can …

  • His Royal Consort From Another World

    His Royal Consort From Another World


    It all started with an experiment. Something done out of pure curiosity brought them together. "A castle, Dragons, wait flying carpets and ultramodern devices? Where have I even ended up?" …

  • My high school life debuts Now…

    My high school life debuts Now…


    Romantic and messy life of a chaotic girl.

  • Impossible Threat

    Impossible Threat


    Impossible trilogy part 2 The story continues, Eva and John are forced to rejoin each other as a new enemy goes after the loved ones of every john in the …