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9 Novels
  • The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

    The Hunter Becomes The Hunted


    Twenty-nine year old Jacy is a bounty hunter that chooses to go after the tough bounties. The bigger the man the better. Why? Because she wants to knock them …

  • The Powerful Dragon Witch

    The Powerful Dragon Witch


    Nineteen-year-old Winona Bravegard hid in a cave of Dasos for seven years because she was both wanted by the Mage King and the Dragon King. Her mother shielded her …

  • His Human Mate

    His Human Mate


    Erick Kendall, the strongest Alpha in his generation but also a player, who loved to date any female. Amber, a typical girl who loves to eat and dreams of a …

  • The Last Witch and Her Pack

    The Last Witch and Her Pack


    The 100 year battle between Witches and Warlocks has finally ended. The result is that the warlocks won. Almost all witches are gone now. The last remaining witch now …

  • Custodian Chronicles

    Custodian Chronicles


    She was unfortunate to be a victim of millennia of war between Lycans and Custodians: Hunters and Witches, making her the last of her bloodline. Now, she wants answers. …

  • The princess with a Birthmark

    The princess with a Birthmark


    Wraindel is one of the two kingdom in a world of shape shifters. Actel Fahlgren, is the princess that was banned from her world and sent to Earth. Two …

  • Alpine Crescent Academy

    Alpine Crescent Academy


    After losing her parents, a date with her boyfriend goes terribly wrong when she finds her boyfriend cheating on her with a werewolf. He forces a bite on her, …

  • The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince

    The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince


    Bitten by a werewolf, Dawn Wyatt becomes a Neotide – a werewolf who has no place in the world of pure bloods. What follows is even more harrowing. Targeted for …

  • Wolf Girl and the Children of the Moon

    Wolf Girl and the Children of the Moon


    Native American Jessica Chavez just wants to be a normal teenager. But with her father the Chief of the local Ute tribe, this proves difficult. Then Dakota Ouray moves …