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7 Novels
  • Rebirth:Son of Lucifer

    Rebirth:Son of Lucifer


    James, a high schooler in his senior year is running late for school. Just a normal kid wanting to pass school. After a series of events, he is now …

  • Sileo (Restart)

    Sileo (Restart)


    Sileo, whether it refers to restart or silent, everyone living there can agree on one thing - There is always a chance there. There is always a chance to …

  • Breaking The Seal

    Breaking The Seal


    This is a fictional story about a half-elf named Nylin Trina that lost her parents and became an adventurous masked rogue. Being used to working alone she joins a …

  • The Reset: Dawn of the New Age

    The Reset: Dawn of the New Age


    After ominous spires rise from the ground that emits toxic gas that seems to change adults into flesh eating animals, a stoner, his psycho friend and a complete stranger …

  • EGO!



    After a mysterious battle with an unknown figure named Gabriel, Axel a tough, tall, no shits given guy wakes up in another world with his memories and right eye …

  • Sileo



    Otto Kettering was about to be sent to prison for life if not for the sudden death caused by car. The last glance he had of his sister before …

  • Last Murami (The Sandlands)

    Last Murami (The Sandlands)


    In a deserted land. Gods, Monsters, Ancients. Houfen the Last Murami journeys to a better world. Secrets, Swords, Death, the Sandlands is filled with mystery and adventure. This is …