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  • Palace Life: The Rings of Secrets

    Palace Life: The Rings of Secrets


    In a post-apocalypse world, the world has finally resettled back to societies. The catch- the evolution chains had sped up. New species and new races have emerged since the …

  • To Dance With Demons-Madness at Every Turn!

    To Dance With Demons-Madness at Every Turn!


    Who would've thought having pretty eyes could be a curse? Certainly not Kocho Ryosei—or as he prefers to go by as a Japanese American, Ryosei Mors. Ryosei has …

  • Wild Young Miss: Mister, Let’s Kiss!

    Wild Young Miss: Mister, Let’s Kiss!


    Money, power, and influence, Zoey Zhou had it all… or, does she? Zoey Zhou, a 28-year-old self-established businesswoman whose only talent was to earn money and to earn even more. …

  • Princess and the Slave

    Princess and the Slave


    Regan a young eighteen girl who was sold by her family to a slave trader was sent into the Armeilia kingdom to be experimented until she dies, when she …

  • Death Goddess Reborn

    Death Goddess Reborn


    "Is death really the end of my journey. How was I fated to die by this darn Covid19" cried Ambai. "Death is never the end, its only the beginning" a …

  • If Destiny Fails [BL Omegaverse]

    If Destiny Fails [BL Omegaverse]


    Legend has it that The Gods became so powerful they had to split in pairs. Thus, the universe came into a delicate balance. Space turned into light and shadow. The sky …

  • The Soul Eater’s Possession

    The Soul Eater’s Possession


    "Devin, do you love me?" Hearing her question that had snapped him out of his thoughts, the Soul Eater opened his eyes slowly to meet her blue eyes once more. …

  • Spring Winds [GL]

    Spring Winds [GL]


    "I'm sorry my kite hit your face!" Those were the 'legendary' first words to my fated person. Haha... Please don't hate me, Senior Sister! I swear it was merely the breeze! …

  • Dominating Witches

    Dominating Witches


    In a world where witches and warlocks are a minority and forced to hide their powers from common humans, Bianca Hersey tries to live her life as normally as …

  • The Woman and Debt

    The Woman and Debt


    [Gold Tier Winner of WFP#13: Female Lead - Mafia] The mafia boss' granddaughter, Young Mirae, the only descendant of the Young family. Expected to be the next mafia boss, she …

  • An Unexpected Mother

    An Unexpected Mother


    She is Epsha. Epsha An the second miss of An family. She is the loving sister of her nine brother's. Six elder brother's and one young brother her biological brothers. …

  • The Kind-Hearted Devil

    The Kind-Hearted Devil


    In Ha, no, Lilian, staring at the people in front of her. This is her stage. This is her world. Wherever she is, she will always be a classy villain. The devil. So...became …

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