Slow-burning Romance

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4 Novels
  • Black Flames Burning

    Black Flames Burning


    Once Upon a Time, there was a Dark Lord that scared the magical communities throughout the world that is until he disappeared and the world progressed once more until …

  • About Last Night!

    About Last Night!


    Warning: A Slow burn romance, not very fast paced! |Excerpt| "Yes! But I will give you this, you are that one person, after a long time had a lingering effect on …

  • Three Bound to Vesiqua

    Three Bound to Vesiqua


    A Goddess was given three souls to give new lives to in her world, she was thankful for this chance because an event was brewing in that world and …

  • Purple Romance

    Purple Romance


    "This is a dream. Since it is a dream, let me at least savour it a little more''. "If you are done checking me out, can I open my eyes …