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  • God Emperor

    God Emperor

    Author: ,

    Emperor Of Ancient Gods, Eternal God Emperor, 万古神帝, 萬古神帝 (old)Zhang Ruo Chen was the sole male heir of one of the nine emperors of the Kunlun Field. Ruo Chen’s …

  • The Dragon Lord’s Lover

    The Dragon Lord’s Lover


    Self-doubt, the true limitation any potential Kalil has ever had in her. As a struggling healer fighting to get herself recognized and realize what her parents had always dreamed …

  • Cara The Strongest Witch

    Cara The Strongest Witch


    Cara is a simple young woman, she is hardworking and sweet. She grew up in the care of the family of her best friend, Theo. Her life was the …

  • T.I.A.R: Writers Bizarre Adventures.

    T.I.A.R: Writers Bizarre Adventures.


    Writer: "Hello, there." He said to you—reader. "Don't worry. This whole 4th wall-breaking thingy, won't be the main theme of this novel. I promise" he said winking. "And like …

  • The Battleform System

    The Battleform System


    The world has undergone an unexpected and unprecedented evolution in the event called "Sky-Blue Ray phenomenon." In the newly evolved world, many people has obtained superpowers, including Razen—a grade-12 …

  • Alicaine Chronicles: Roselyn Knight

    Alicaine Chronicles: Roselyn Knight


    *Excerpt*: “Submit.” A soothing, male voice crooned inside the girl’s mind. Ice wrapped around her legs and reached up along her body. With every passing second, her chance of victory …

  • The Blood Sacrifice

    The Blood Sacrifice


    Imagine being a 17 year old and pushed into a warzone with zero experience and power to fight? That's what happened to Quinn. He was sent to a training camp …




    Jeremy Watson is a normal 16 year old who's life suddenly takes a turn for the worse after a shady deal goes wrong. He becomes a mutant with aerokinesis …

  • War Of The Worlds

    War Of The Worlds


    War Of The World’s The earth was born billion years ago and in its infancy it was only rocks and lava but as million years passed it was soon filled …

  • Arc Rising

    Arc Rising


    When a person delivers a package, you would expect it to be closed yes? Not opened and possibly stolen. But when a 17 year old boy opens a package …

  • Contract Killer The Vow to my Goddess

    Contract Killer The Vow to my Goddess


    After receiving a special blessing from the Goddess of Knowledge, Sixteen-Year-Old Kian became one of many Heavenly Assassins for the gods and began hunting down Targets at their will …

  • Scarlet Strings

    Scarlet Strings


    'What do I want? Why the complete destruction of the Human Race! That would do for now I suppose!' Scarlet Strings follows the adventures of 15-year-old Brave Larison, and several …

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