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10 Novels
  • The MAGIcians: Margin For Error

    The MAGIcians: Margin For Error


    Six months. It’s been six months since heir to the throne of the Southern Kingdom, Kiara Elesius Myra fell into an eternal darkness never to be seen. No matter …

  • The Adventures of Rainbow

    The Adventures of Rainbow


    Rainbow is hiding a secret, a dangerous one. Only her cousin knows the truth and she’s not the most reliable. She’s barely keeping her life together after a harsh …

  • The Mind Of the Magenta and the Diary of an Ambivert

    The Mind Of the Magenta and the Diary of an Ambivert


    Daku Kamada is an outcast to society, and psychopath who tricks people into playing hide-and-seek with him, and once they were found, they are dead in seconds. Kiyoshi …

  • The Cuts On Her Arms

    The Cuts On Her Arms


    Emma a girl in high school, has a hard life. her life has been hard all around and she felt alone. she suffers from a few mental health disorders …

  • Behind the Wheel: Life is hard

    Behind the Wheel: Life is hard


    "Life is Bitch to everyone and you can't change that fact. " My life wasn't cupcakes and rainbow, but more motor oil and bolts, with a few bs parent issues. …

  • If Only (100 Days)

    If Only (100 Days)


    "A hundred days to live... or to die with guilt?" Zeniah Willows has what it takes to be the popular high school girl: good grades, musical talent, and a boyfriend. To …

  • Downhill from here

    Downhill from here


    My name is Nicole, I just had to up and leave my old life behind. I have to start fresh, make a new life for myself, and make new …

  • Naked Soul (All I Want Is him)

    Naked Soul (All I Want Is him)


    Jessica is a complicated girl with a very complicated past, yet so is Adnrew the billionaire and Damien the bad boy. Jessica and Andrew are working on their relationship despite …

  • 7 Not-so-deadly sins

    7 Not-so-deadly sins


    A group of rebellious and unique teenagers were dragged into an action-filled story as an evil presence threatened the balance of the world. Their youngest member's mysterious past had …

  • Devil’s Eyes

    Devil’s Eyes


    His life was dark... Her colours were contagious... She was beauty...and he was the Beast! She is a walking talking doll with angelic aura but also a badass bitch to those …