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  • Strawberries & Cigarettes
  • Uncanny Revenge

    Uncanny Revenge


    Lu Bingwen is a serious businessman who has got no time for love after being left heartbroken by his former lover. His hard work and dedication to prosperity made …

  • The School of Elites

    The School of Elites


    A school full of intelligent students coming from the different elite families and Emerald Sandejas was the consistent top 1 of the most prestigious school until a mysterious scholar …

  • The beginning of a colorful life.

    The beginning of a colorful life.


    One girl with a boring original life meets the worst guy anyone could meet for their new start. Kasi Rodriguez is a 21 year old nail artist. As she …

  • Dating A Rapper V2

    Dating A Rapper V2


    Brooklyn Daniels grew up next door to NF, they saw each other daily, despite what was going on in their broken homes, Brooklyn starts to show up with bruises …

  • Broken



    Lucy Carson is a rich girl, keeps it hidden because she can’t stand fake friends. At the beginning of 6th grade a group of guys, Landon, Tanner and Grayson …

  • Collateral Love

    Collateral Love


    She was the new student at the school. She was a brilliant girl. He was not a new student. He knew what happens at school. She didn't know. He …

  • how to be anjdks

    how to be anjdks


    her dream was simple - to be able to show her truest emotions to the people she cares about and loves the most. however, due to a certain decision and …

  • Wounded and Bounded

    Wounded and Bounded


    Cressida, a girl with a goddess like face and body, perfect grades and with a promising future, and to add a little more honey, got magic manipulation powers which …

  • Sealed Desire

    Sealed Desire


    "If I have to shoot you to save the lives of myriad, I will without a second thought." His grip tightened on my throat as he leaned forward, mere centimetres …

  • I Need You

    I Need You


    This is a story about Seth and April who was suffering from a kidney loss. Seth has been seen as a misanthropist even when his parent where alive. Keeping …

  • Ronewa: In love, both a begger and a King are equal

    Ronewa: In love, both a begger and a King are equal


    They say if love is a disease then patience is the cure. Will this be the case for Roni and Thendo? Well unfortunately you'll have to continue reading to …

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