Teenage romance

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4 Novels
  • Coercion with the bad boy

    Coercion with the bad boy


    Just the usual boring story of a loner girl with imaginary friends, invisible to everyone....her, not the imaginary friends. Reign Thornton is antisocial, a complete anime freak and loves horror …

  • Stumbled Upon You

    Stumbled Upon You


    Zeke is a quiet boy at his class, He is considered an outcast. He doesn't talk to anyone nor look at his classmates faces. He is completely mysterious which …

  • Tachibana Palace

    Tachibana Palace


    in a society where people with super natural abilities are being Ostracised, Ken Tachibana sees a wonderful opportunity for the young Yuno Lin who has taken over the responsibility …

  • Crashing Into You

    Crashing Into You


    He pinched her nose and that made Song Dei Si snapped back to reality. “Hey!” Song Dei Si put a mock on her face as he looked at Yan …