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  • FATEDeus Decipit

    FATEDeus Decipit


    Athens, Greece, Modern Day In the light of the 5th Holy Grail War in Fuyuki, many duplicate Grail wars are being held across the globe. In Athens, an ancient codex …

  • The Soul Realm System

    The Soul Realm System


    In a world where portals to hostile worlds appear all over earth and humans have supernatural abilities, a world where power is the difference between life and death, Kai …

  • Forget │ A Novella

    Forget │ A Novella


    Kira is a deadly, timeless creature, shadowed with the darkness of death. Her life has been pointless, her desire growing with each moment of existence she has. With a …

  • Senses Reposed

    Senses Reposed


    Grant, twenty years old, was tired of being a prisoner to his job, parents, and city. He had been fed to believe all of it was deserved. The thought …

  • A Gamer’s Journey

    A Gamer’s Journey


    After waking up in the middle of the night on his tenth birthday he found himself with box that says "Welcome to the Game! Click start to start your …

  • Her Nightmare (The broken)

    Her Nightmare (The broken)


    15 year old Veda is challenged by the world. First, her brother Oliver's death. She was devastated, and forever traumatized by the unexpected "mishap". Veda begins to have nightmares …

  • Green Life

    Green Life


    In a world where people with special abilities exist.  Hatsuko is a normal high school boy with no abilities and no friends. He always wished to have a special ability like …

  • LOVE IS JUST IMPOSSIBLE For This Goddess Of Hell

    LOVE IS JUST IMPOSSIBLE For This Goddess Of Hell


    Ju xi a business women known for her weird affectation , but not everyone can see her when ever they pleased , year 2020 ,miss Ju xi got the …

  • The human and the supernatural girl

    The human and the supernatural girl


    Michael Wells is a 25 year old man that lives in an apartment and works at a company as a common office worker. Until one night as he was …

  • The Awakened World

    The Awakened World


    The Earth was once its usually place of conflict and strife until the System awakened. All that was abstract quantitative data has been put into numbers and increased hatred …

  • The Adventures of Rainbow

    The Adventures of Rainbow


    Rainbow is hiding a secret, a dangerous one. Only her cousin knows the truth and she’s not the most reliable. She’s barely keeping her life together after a harsh …

  • Love On Time

    Love On Time


    Lena lets go of her past and find love in the process. Can she balance new love with college and forget everything that has happened to her?

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