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6 Novels
  • Arcadia, Part 1

    Arcadia, Part 1


    The first of many parts about the history of the Arcadian Empire. In this part, we dive into detail about Tei'hi, the founder and most esteemed general of Arcadia.

  • Crown of a Thorn King

    Crown of a Thorn King


    Seventeen years following the ravages of a war that created three bitter generations, a fragile peace dithers at the brink. Like a woven cloth, a web of alliances, treaties, …

  • Heir of Kyree

    Heir of Kyree


    "by the gods, Adora, the woman who had unwillingly married him was in heat. and she was moaning out his name like it was her last day on the …

  • Deadliest Warrior – Contest of Crowns

    Deadliest Warrior – Contest of Crowns


    Updated regularly Contest of crowns; six powerful kingdoms at war, (Rome, Viking, China, Templar, Highlander, Japan) each deceived by the overseers (wicked Gods that pull the strings of man). The …

  • Demon God

    Demon God


    Desire was born without his parents, knowing nothing but general knowledge in the world. He struggles day by day and was forced to live a harsh, hard life... "Eh? …

  • Space Bender II