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  • The Oracle Paths

    The Oracle Paths


    Have you ever wished you exactly knew how to accomplish your dreams? Not feeling the slightest doubt anymore? Being aware at any time how every choice, action and decision …

  • Number One Dungeon Supplier

    Number One Dungeon Supplier


    In a modern world where cultivators need a place to cultivate or vent their boredom, there are private businesses that set up instance dungeons with the aid …

  • Underrated Exorcist : The Legacy of The Supreme’s will

    Underrated Exorcist : The Legacy of The Supreme’s will


    Impurities, spirits, ghosts, hollows, corrupted beings, phantoms, monsters, demons, devils, and many more. There are different types of them and called by many names. They feed on dark energy …

  • The Farmer’s life in the Cultivation World

    The Farmer’s life in the Cultivation World


    After saving a young man on a rainy day, being struck with lightning, and receiving weird knowledge directly to his brain, Isaac, an old farmer, reincarnates in the body …




    Under the silver moon and the darkest night, she, who has been searching for her master, came to this world of wonders. Kingdoms and continents; Wizards and knights; Humans and …

  • A Journey To The Heavens

    A Journey To The Heavens


    The gods forced her to use self-sacrificing techniques and sealed her in an eternal prison. An ordinary boy who had lost everything but desired to achieve freedom. Let's go …

  • To hell and back

    To hell and back


    I story follows a young boy named Carter, a sixteen-year-old orphan. After an abrupt revelation from an unknown stepbrother... He is murdered. Follow carter as he seeks revenge

  • Regalia Z

    Regalia Z


    Humans, zombies and mutants. Lisha didn't expect to fall into the second category. Waking up inside a mountain of wreckage, Lisha understood that the bridge was crossed. She was one …

  • Secret Santa system

    Secret Santa system


    Drake dies in an truck accident and reincarnates into a cultivation world, A world which has some very powerful cultivators. He is also blessed with a very peculiar system, …

  • Space Mage of the Qi World

    Space Mage of the Qi World


    He reincarnates into a vicious world where the law of the jungle prevades. Due to past regrets and feuds, he defies fate and tries to return back to his home. It …

  • Alicaine Chronicles: Roselyn Knight

    Alicaine Chronicles: Roselyn Knight


    *Excerpt*: “Submit.” A soothing, male voice crooned inside the girl’s mind. Ice wrapped around her legs and reached up along her body. With every passing second, her chance of victory …

  • Jerah



    Del has woken up, lost, tired and confused with no memories in this new world. Read as he travels the world, meets new people and experiences new things in the …

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